As time goes on, Indonesian music improved gradually, which also serves as an attraction to the youth. Many students are interested in playing one or multiple musical instruments, and Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) has been facilitating them to do so for many years.

The Music Student Activity Unit (UKM Musik) was established on July 27th, 1999. It has been supporting students to achieve many regional and national accomplishments since its establishment. On top of that, various ability-supporting events are accommodated by this Unit, two of which are ‘Music Camp’ and ‘Music Parkir.’

Al Ghiffari Bintang Saputra, the Leader of UKM Music for the 2022/2023 period, explained that his unit served as a facility for students to engage in many organizational activities, which may be useful in the industrial sector. Not only would students improve their musical skills, but he also said that students would also be able to develop their leadership and social skills upon joining UKM Musik. Additionally, Ghiffari also stated that UKM Musik would organize a festival featuring many local musicians.

“We are planning to organize the After Concert Dinus Creative Festival (ACDC) during this incumbency period,” he revealed.

Moreover, UKM Musik’s members also routinely hold meetings and brainstorm to get numerous brilliant ideas allowing them to improve the quality of their members.

 “We brainstorm and hold meetings regularly to improve the quality of our human resources which grants us the opportunities to achieve lots of successes,” Ghiffari uttered.

UKM Musik is currently headquartered in the F.1.6 Room of the F building at Nakula I St. No. 5-11, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Semarang. Information and events regarding UKM Musik could be accessed through their official website.