The 2023 Creanovative Entrepreneur Contest once again facilitated the students of the University of Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) to develop their entrepreneurship. The event drove the student to be active in several sectors, such as Creative Industry, Production and Cultivation, Applied Technology, and even Food and Beverages.
In that annual event, there were a total of 20 stands maintained by students along the E building’s court. The event’s participants were students who had undergone the Basic Entrepreneurship and the Start-Up Business Courses. Many students and public visitors gathered in that two-day event started on Thursday the 6th of July 2023. 
That annual event was officially opened by the representative from UPT Entrepreneurship of Udinus, Agung Prajanto, S.E, M.M, and it was seen by the participants and the visitors. On that occasion, he congratulated all the students who had got the opportunity to do the product and market validation. 
“We, from the UPT Entrepreneurship, hope that the students could utilize this event to its fullest. Entrepreneurship will not stop at this moment only as we will always give the students instruction,” he said. 
Unlike last year, this time, the grading is not going to be according to the products’ presentation alone. The grading will be done by several professors who disguised themselves as normal visitors. The grading will later be processed by the UPT Entrepreneurship team, and the winner will be announced the next day. 
The head of the UPT Entrepreneurship of Udinus, Dr. Nila Tristiarini, S.E., M.Si, CSRA., said on a different occasion that this event simulated the true entrepreneurial competition. When the students finally graduated from Udinus. UPT Entrepreneurship of Udinus would also appreciate the creative students with allowance. 
“By attending this event, the students shall be motivated to keep moving forward through the entrepreneur path. With a particular platform, the students will be able to know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur,” she concluded. (Udinus Public Relation/Haris. Photo: Udinus PR)
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