Five students at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) developed an app to simplify small businesses promoting and managing their small sports businesses. The app is known as Inraga and available on the Play Store as of today.

The project involved Hanif Fadillah Amryudin, Faqih Hidayatulloh, Dwi Prakoso, Dewa Ayu Putri Tesalonika, and Bagaskara Bayu Adhy. They are included in an Entrepreneur Student Fostering Program (P2MW) encompassing many departments on campus.

Inraga has several intriguing features that help business owners to manage their sports businesses including RagaBattle, RagaTicket, Field Rentals, and Sports Event Organizer. Additionally, those apps could even market products from a small sports business through features named RagaShop and RagaTrainer.

Hanif Fadillah, one of the developers, explained that this app was a result of these five students’ ideas sparked in March. He revealed that it took a month to develop this program. Furthermore, they also attempted to attract users by hosting several sports events, one of which was known as ‘Jug-Jug Minton’ participated by sixteen teams.

“This activity serves as a validation phase conducted by us. Currently, our team has discussed these matters with various small sports businesses,” he explained.

The Inraga Development Team was instructed by Galuh Wilujeng Saraswati, M.Cs. P2MW, the Student Coordinator in the Computer Science Faculty. In addition, this development program initiated by the Directorate General of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology also functions as a platform to support the development of students’ entrepreneurship passion. This program aims to facilitate students’ businesses through development funds and coaching activities.

During his interview, Galuh Wilujeng Saraswati, M.Cs., wished the app to be known by the general public. According to her, the Inraga app could serve as an innovation in the sports sector.

“Currently, there are 50 users and still counting as the Inraga app becomes more popular. We will always facilitate our students to keep improving and innovating in various fields,” he concluded. (Humas Udinus/Alex. Foto: Humas Udinus)

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