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Udinus Gelar Festival Bunkasai untuk Kenalkan Kebudayaan Jepang kepada Masyarakat Indonesia | UDINUS - Universitas Dian Nuswantoro

The Student Association of the Japanese Literature Undergraduate Program (Hikari) of (Udinus) held a Japanese cultural festival called The 2024 Bunkasai. The event, which took place on June 21-22 2024, was held in the Courtyard of Building G and H of Udinus Campus. Bunkasai was officially opened by the Vice-Chancellor III of Student Affairs Udinus, Dr. Kusni Ingsih, MM

In her welcoming remark, Dr. Kusni Ingsih expressed her appreciation for the management of Bunkasai which has significantly increased from last year, from the number of visitors who reached more than 1,000 tickets sold online. Not only that but also the great excitement of the event. She emphasized the importance of this event as a forum for the Indonesian community to get to know and explore Japanese culture directly.

“This can be a valuable moment for students to develop their soft skills. The presented Japanese Traditions such as the Soran Bushi dance can be a new insight for visitors who attend Bunkasai this time. Bunkasai Event is always anticipated by many students as well as the wider community," said Dr. Kusni Ingsih, SE., MM.

The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of Udinus, Dr. Raden Arief Nugroho, SS, M.Hum., added that Bunkasai Udinus is one of the famous Japanese festivals at the national level. This festival has been held since 2009 and always presents something new every year.

“All of this cannot be realized without the support from all parties who have contributed to the current Bunkasai. Hopefully every year we can present a greater appearance and guest stars," said Raden Arief.

The presence of the national cosplayer, Nekonoi Katsu, became one of the most anticipated performances by visitors. In addition, visitors were also entertained by performances starting from Soran Bushi to omikoshi.

Bunkasai Competition

Not only showcasing some shows, Bunkasai also presents various competitions that can be participated in, such as Dance, Seiyuu, Fanart, Coswalk, Coscomp, Anisong, and Band Competition. Dozens of stands also brighten the festival, making Bunkasai 2024 even more vibrant and interesting.

Bunkasai Udinus is a means for students and the general public to not only learn about the Japanese language and culture in theory but also implement it directly through various activities presented.

With events such as Bunkasai, it is hoped that more and more Indonesian people will be interested in and explore Japanese culture, as well as establish closer relations between the two countries. (Udinus Public Relation/Alex. Photo: PR Udinus)