Engaging with Scientific Papers (KTI) is not a stranger to college students. As a matter of fact, lecturers normally give their students assignments in the form of academic journals. This kind of activity is nothing new to Sinta Wulandari, an Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus).


Unlike her fellow students, Sinta, a sixth-semester student, is passionate about writing research papers. She even gets pumped up whenever she writes a journal article.


According to her, writing a scientific paper could improve her problem-solving skills. “Writing a scientific paper could also provide me experience, which could motivate me,” Sinta uttered.


Sinta first participated in a paper competition in 2020, particularly during her fourth semester. Despite not being able to emerge as a champion at that time, Sinta refused to give in and held her ground to participate once more in a paper contest. Eventually, she earned third place in her third competition.

She claimed her victory in the Second Grade of the National Student Paper Contest in the Science and Technology Faculty at Universitas Duta Bangsa Surakarta. Sinta submitted her paper entitled ‘Smart System Reminder Planning and Integrated IoT-based Farming Monitoring.’

Sinta also shared her experience in creating scientific journals. According to Sinta, the most difficult part of writing a paper was finding the topic idea. She normally overcomes this obstacle by focusing and thinking of a plan. “I usually spend roughly three to seven days to find an idea,” she revealed.

“Once an idea is obtained, I could focus on the problem arrangement, writing framework, and the content,” she added.


Nevertheless, Sinta felt the positive impact of competing in a contest. She claimed that she had received many benefits upon engaging in paper contests including relations, knowledge, public speaking skills, teamwork ability, and critical thinking competence. “At first, we were obliged to submit our papers, and then there was a presentation for the finalists. Thence, I could improve my presentation skills,” Sinta shared.


In addition to that contest, Sinta also learned how to speak properly through her organization named the Engineering Faculty Student Executives (BEM FT). By participating in this organization, she became more experienced in speaking in front of many people. “Critical thinking skills could also be honed through organizations. Thus, it is important for us to join organizations,” she concluded. (Humas Udinus/Almira. Foto: Dok. Pribadi)

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Sinta Wulandari – Mahasiswi S1 Teknik Industri Udinus

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