A model must be aware of the interesting photo portion to produce a nice photograph. Additionally, paying attention to small details and staying on their appearance are also obligations possessed by a model. These elements are implemented by Vicalanizha Octalia, a Public Health Student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), in her modeling career.

Vica, born on April 09, 2000, shared that she has been pursuing the realm of modeling ever since she was in kindergarten. From there, she began to showcase her outfits at various fashion shows, one of which was showing off children’s Muslim outfits. “I have been interested in modeling since kindergarten with the support provided by my parents. After that, I stopped being a model upon entering elementary and junior high, but as I stepped into my high school phase, I began to embrace this long-lost passion once more, which lasts to this day,” Vica shared.

Vica claimed that she was often appointed as a model in a photoshoot by photographers. Initiated as a hobby, she became an Ambassador of the Planned Generation (Genre) BKKBN for the 2019/2020 period. According to her, an Ambassador of the Planned Generation must have a high level of creativity and discipline to encourage youths to develop Indonesia into a better country with countless intelligent millennials.

Not only is she an active model, but Vica also actively involves herself in a campus organization, namely the Student Executives. She admitted that she had earned experience through the organization including leadership, socialization, and self-efficacy skills, which she often implements in her modeling career. Furthermore, Vica stated that a model with campus and organizational activities within their palm must be able to manage time properly. She further uttered that she struggled to run activities at once; however, Vica could resolve this problem by creating a timeline to manage her time for her campus activities, photo shoot sessions, and many other activities.

“I normally position myself to be focused on my planned activities and avoid altering my timeline,” Vica said.


Vica said that a student and a model must bear the discipline of managing their time properly. She encouraged her fellow students who are passionate about joining campus and non-campus organizations to be consistent in time management. “In addition to time management, you also need to self-improve by gathering more experience and focusing on your goals and passions,” Vica concluded. (Humas Udinus/Nuvia. Foto: Dok. Pribadi)

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oleh Vicalanizha Octalia – Mahasiswi S1 Kesehatan Masyarakat Udinus

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