It is only natural for an event to feature a skilled Master of Ceremonies (MC) to present the event in an interesting manner. In pursuing her career, Retnaningtyas Niken Hapsari utilizes her courageous nature and public speaking skills.


In practicing this talent of hers, Niken, a Communication Science student at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), implements several courses she got on campus, namely public speaking . She stated that if a student were not to use the knowledge they obtained on campus, their studies would fall in vain. “Initially, I became an MC due to being invited by my friend. After getting training and advice from the faculty members, my fondness for this field began to grow,” Niken said.


During her 3-year career as an MC, Niken has encountered many obstacles, including the feeling of groggy and lack of confidence. However, she has long since overcome those obstacles by praying and keeping her cool in presenting an event.

She suggested that public speaking skills were crucial for everyone to learn. This is because the ability to speak before the public is very needed to improve our self-quality in the current global era. “Public speaking skills could get me into many job opportunities, which is quite promising. Additionally, I have also been invited as an MC at many events in various regions. Recently, I was featured as an MC at an event in Surabaya,” she revealed.


She hoped for her fellow students to implement the knowledge they garnered on campus, as it could serve as a means to make their dreams come true. Moreover, Niken also stated that it took a sheer amount of dedication to pursue a field of expertise, and her dedication as a Master of Ceremony (MC) and her public speaking skills were embodied through the fact that she was appointed as one of the team members of Student Admission at Udinus in 2017. “I managed to be the one and only candidate chosen by the Student Admission team. Not only is this experience pride-inducing, it could also serve as a platform for me to gather experience in implementing the knowledge I have obtained on campus,” she uttered. (Humas Udinus/lex/AT)




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