Rossima Tahtita, a Student in the Diploma Medical Record and Information Study Program at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus), utilizes her time to its fullest by running two online shops. It has been a year since Ita started her wristwatch online shop and kebaya rental.


Her hobby of creating kebaya guided her to establish her very own kebaya rental business. She does not pursue her hobby on her own, but instead, her mother occasionally supports Ita in developing her hobby. With the everlasting support of her mother, Ita does everything from the materials searching to hiring models and she does that every year. “Almost every kebaya I made was only used once or twice, but suddenly an idea popped out of my mind, that was the idea to rent my unused kebaya. Moreover, there were only a few kebaya rentals in my hometown of Pekalongan,” she revealed.


Every month, Ita could gather a total of Rp. 1 million in turnover. The main problem she often encounters is that only several people know about her kebaya rental business. Ita usually mitigates this main problem by constantly promoting her business on Instagram. “Not only that but I normally ask some internet influencers in Pekalongan to promote my kebaya business. Being passionate about developing my business is also a must as I have to be one step ahead of other people,” explained the owner of the @Itatahtita Instagram account.


Ita, born on July 29, 2001, was once a tourism ambassador in 2018 in her hometown. Despite being an ambassador, Ita claimed that she was shy or lack of confidence. However, she must do that in order to improve her confidence and public speaking skills, with her sheer amount of persistence and dedication she managed to earn the 2018 Pekalongan Favorite Tourism Ambassador title. “I possess more pros than cons as a tourism ambassador since I have to promote tourist attractions and events conducted by the Youth, Sports, and Tourism Service in Pekalongan,” Ita shared.


Ita, a student of the 2019 cohort, had been aiming to study in the medical sector ever since she was a high schooler. According to her, the sector had expansive career opportunities. On the one hand, she had an overwhelming fear of blood, but on the other hand, Ita found the Department of the Medical Record and Information which had been accredited as A.

“I have learned tons of interesting things upon enrolling in this department, it turns out that medical records are among the most crucial positions in a hospital. Initially, I was only an amateur when it came to information technology, I even developed a fear of learning Excel. However, I managed to get by and be accepted into my desired study program,” she concluded. (Humas Udinus/Haris. Foto: Dok, Pribadi)


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Rossima Tahtita – Mahasiswa S1 Rekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan Udinus

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